Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My friends was a cat !!

This is my friends! They are Momot and Bobot!

Before they leave me,this is my cats name Momot and Bobot,picture above taken when they still small,SO CUTE.Actually I really really love cat.Momot and Bobot,I took from my friend.First time I see them,they were so small (Im smiling right now).I really took care of them,almost everyday I bath them,I spend almost Rm10 per week to buy them food.I really really really love them,they were my friend at home.I love to watch the both of them play together,run around the house,chasing each other.Those memories still in my mind,hahaha.

So,after a few month,they grow bigger and chubby and fluffy.I love to hug both of them.There is this 1 week,momot,lick my head every morning so I easily wake up and get ready for school.Sometime they follow me when I am going to market to buy their food,Momot and bobot are very smart.Unfortunately,when I move to Cyberjaya,to study in Kirkby,no one at home to watch Momot and Bobot.I still buy their food and ask my friend to give them eat.But after a few month,they start to disappear 1 by 1.Until now I cant find them when I get back home.I really miss them,but maybe there are good to live without me,hehehehe.

Bobot and Momot play together
Bobot sleep in the box (cute)

This is Momot (still a kitten)


Two lazy bum


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